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Amazing Features Of Our Chronic Care Management

C.C.M Cloud System is your ultimate solution to achieve success in Medicare's Chronic Care Management practice. With our expertise and dedication, we present to you an user friendly, reliable, automated and robust Cloud System that will assist you, every step of the way.
Chronic Care Management System

Real Time Data, Real Time Report

Records are updated instantly across the globe. While others charge premiums for real time monitor, we build these features into your package at no extra cost!

Lower Rate Means More Revenue

We love to help you get started by offering first month trial at NO COST. In addition, we also provide lower than average rate for our packages, that leaves more revenue for you!

Automated Care Plan Generation

Base on patient's record, care plan is generated by the system. Each session history is also archived separately for patient trend analysis.

User Friendly, access on any device

Regardless of cellphone, laptop, desktop, tablets, etc. As long as there is internet, you can access your CCM system anytime from any devices.

Dedicated Support

We love to assist you when you run into issues. Please send us an email or call us. We will get you taken cared ASAP!

HIPAA Compliant

We understand the importance of security and trying extensively to ensure patient privacy and data integrity.

Get Additional $2000+ Recuring Revenue A Month!

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Approximate Annual Patient Population1
Approximate Percent Of Patients Covered By Medicare1
Approximate Annual Medicare Patients
Approximate Patients With 2+ Chronic Conditions2
Approximate CCM Annual Patients
CCM Monthly Payment (U.S. average: $41.44)3
Estimated Annual Reimbursement For Family Medicine Physician
1MGMA Cost Survey for Single Specialty Practices: 2013 Report Based on 2012 Data specific to the specialty of family medicine. Includes Medicare A/B and Medicare Advantage.
2CMS.gov: 2012 Prevalence, National Average.
3Reimbursement amount from the CY 2015 Physician Fee Service Final Rule, October 31, 2014, across 89 localities.
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We love to hear from you regardless if it's product inquires, suggestions or support request. For one month trial. please contact us at 769.300.1188. You can also participate in our Beta program which you could use our latest production at no charge at all.
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